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Sourcing Materials

Carefully hand pick and collect unused and untouched surplus premium leather from suppliers.

Sorting and Cleaning

Sort the collected materials based on colour, texture, and quality. Thoroughly clean and sanitize the leather piece store move dirt, stains, or odors.

Design and Pattern Making

Develop bag designs and patterns that make the best use of the available leather pieces. Cut and assemble the leather components, ensuring minimal waste.

Cutting and Assembly

Cut the cleaned leather pieces to patterns, ensuring precision to achieve the bag design. Assemble leather components into the main body and accessories.

Crafting and Sewing

Skilled artisans or craftspeople sew and assemble the leather components according to the design. They add features like zippers, pockets, and lining as necessary.

Quality Control and Finish

Inspect each bag for quality, and apply finishing touches, such as polishing, edge sealing, and branding. The final result is a unique upcycled leather bag.